Melby Ranch, Lot #13, 35.84 ac.      ------$62,500.00-------

Located on Wild Horse Mesa in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado, also known as Melby Ranch, with million dollar views of 14 thousand foot peaks on the Sangre de Cristo mountains looking east and Mt. Blanca looking north. This tree covered property with Ponderosa Pine, Cedar and Pinon Pine sits at an elevation of nearly 9,000' with a true flavor of the old west.  All around you'll see Elk, Deer, Coyote, and at last count 3 herds of wild horses roaming freely.  A black bear or two have even been spotted but no reports of any probelms.  This property is one of few 35+ acre tree filled lots anywhere near by with power lines which border the entire length of the eastern lot line.  Property access is from a dead-end dirt road on the west side (Ridge View Terrace) and public dirt/gravel road on the east.  The west side has the highest elevation and slopes down to the east where power lines are. 


I've owned this land (and lot #12 on the south) for over 20 years now and have used it regularly for camping and just getting away for days.  It's always a thrill being there sitting around the camp fire listening to the wind wisper through the trees and Coyotes barking at sunset.  The stars at night are brighter than I've ever seen.  The Milky Way looks like it's right in your face!  Oddly, many city dwellers have never even seen the Milky Way.  Being there for a meteor shower is a very special evening of vewing too.  As a pilot, my wife and I discovered this place when Melby sent us a post card advertising a BBQ at their landing strip.  We're always looking for somewhere close to fly to and the temptation of free Buffalo Burgers was a good draw.  Long story short, they drove us around to see their properties on offer and we came home with 35ac for starters!  A couple of months later I was camping there with my dad and lot 13 came on the market.  I was so in love with the place, I couldn't resist getting that lot attached to the one I already had. 


A few people have built seasonal homes and permenent residences around but are few and far between.  I have a design drawn up for our Cabin there some day but lifes other priorities just seem to keep getting in the way. 


With a few minutes drive, you can go into San Luis (the oldest town in Colorado) to pick up basic necessities and fuel for the truck.  Fun day trips are heading south to Taos or Santa Fe and north to the Sand Dunes Natl. Park.  Alamosa is not too far if you need larger town ammenities like a lumber yard or Doctor.


Property taxes are pretty reasonable.  I paid $471 per lot this year.  For water, most people install a cistern (wanter storage tank) to meet those needs but of course a well is always an option.  There are no water or mineral rights but does not affect getting a well permit.  Gas is supplied by propane tanks on site.  Melby has the experience and service to install septic systems.  He also has a nice big well at the Ranch House next to Sanchez Reservoir there.  I'm not sure how much but he'll sell you water to fill your cistern.  You might even get him to let you have it for free if he puts in a septic system for you.  They are good folks though and will work with you.   

Misc. Photos

Looking east from west side of property

More photos fom this view:

Pubic access road on east.  Power lines.



View from east property side.



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